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Sometimes We Just Can't Help Ourselves

Popmatters Profiles Nilsson


Sparks in '60s L.A.

GRAPHIK DESIGNS SPARKS PAGES “Ron Mael & Russell Mael were teenagers during Los Angeles' musical golden period, where bands like the Doors, Love, the Standells and the Leaves played at the Whisky-a-Go-Go on Sunset Strip and Brian Wilson & the Be… more »

Sparks Take L.A.

YAHOO NEWS "On Saturday, May 20, [Sparks] returned to their hometown of Los Angeles to perform their just-released rock opera, Hello Young Lovers, as a special one-night-only stage production that was--rather appropriately--self-hyped as 'the show of th… more »

For Some, The '60s Never Died

THE BOX TOPS "'We were just kids in a band who sounded like whatever group were we trying to sound like: the Rascals, Beach Boys, Beatles … Two of us were still in high school,' Gary Talley said. 'We never had any creative control. Really, the only thin… more »


"They're so distinctive and unique in what they're doing. Their music is very artful," says Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore about Be Your Own Pet. He should know; he signed them to his ECSTATIC PEACE label. BE YOUR OWN PET BYOP MYSPACE XL RECORDINGS… more »

Just Cool

Rostarr Majestic Haze Print Silk screen print on acid free uncoated paper Signed and numbered by the artist 16" x 20" | Edition Of 100 more »

Os Mutantes Return

GUARDIAN UK "Why be normal when you can go where the nuts come from?" more »

Tom Verlaine: "Struggling not to have a professional career"

NY TIMES "When I first started touring," Tom Verlaine said, "having to get up at 7 a.m. to get on buses or go to airports after playing all night, I thought: 'This is terrible. This is not what music is about.' It dawned on me that I had to make a decis… more »

Scritti Politti Catch A Beach Boys Wave?

SOUND OF THE SUBURBS “2006 looks like it might be a good year. Scritti Politti have returned to their spiritual home, Rough Trade, and have their fifth album in 25 years scheduled for a 5 June release. Entitled 'White Bread and Black Beer' rumour has it… more »

Scritti Politti Release First New Album In 7 Years


Lalo Does The Impossible


"Hello Young Lovers" - Sparks & Sonic Youth On A Blind Date

Long-running group SPARKS released their 20th album this year, HELLO YOUNG LOVERS. It's easily one of the best discs released so far this year. Here's some more views on the album: STYLUS MAGAZINE POP MATTERS BILLBOARD METACTITIC If listening to H… more »

The Wire Interviews Scott Walker

THE WIRE "[A]ll the stuff that I have, the basic tracks are rock structured, it rocks, but it's only because I came from that. I started as a rock musician so that's always there, and it will always be there as, I don't particularly want to go into a st… more »

"The Drift" gets pitchfork's best new music treatment