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"Wake The World" Swedish 7inch

Rumor Mill

DAVID PACK catching up with Darian, music director of Brian Wilson's group, and "Wix" keyboardist for Paul McCartney's band at recent NAMM Show in Anaheim, Calif. Jan 2006 This from the Blueboard: "Inside story: David [Pack] recently met with Brian Wi… more »

Potent Painting

Till Gerhard painting SOLAR SYSTEM, 2006 oil on canvas, 86 1/2 x 86 1/2 inches more »

A Great Time For Music

I Won't Worry

Hyphy or Hype?

YAHOO NEWS interviews Bay Area hip-hop hyphy head E-40. PITCHFORK interviews fellow Bay Area hip-hop future star Keak Da Sneak MIX TAPE TALK interviews The Demolition Men SOUNDSLAM interviews Killa Klump More HYPHY headlines: INSIDE BAY AREA CREA… more »

Carl Wilson

New Scritti Compared To SMiLE

GUARDIAN UK "Now that Scritti Politti is effectively just Green Gartside, it's understandable that the perfectionist's first album in seven years is dominated by his voice. Those gorgeous, minty-fresh, aqueous vocals are multi-tracked and harmonised, gi… more »

Thoughts On Concert Tickets

GUARDIAN UK "The most moving concert I've been to was Brian Wilson performing Pet Sounds in 2002, with a blend of sadness and fun, innocence and damage, that had half the crowd in tears. The ticket was functional to a fault, with Wilson's name dwarfed b… more »

Mark Linett Records With API Gear

MARK LINETT has been the favored producer/engineer for numerous Brian Wilson and Beach Boys projects for many years. According to a recent article/interview in MIX ONLINE Mark Linett uses an upgraded API 2488 console that started life as a simple 24… more »

A Private Party At The Wellesley Country Club


Fairly Rare Bootleg Of Soundboard Sourced Sound Checks

More snaps of this boot can be found HERE and HERE. more »

1988 Vegas Program

Nice Tour Book; Year?

Perfect Discography? Huh?

Sweet, Insane, Smart Girls

LA WEEKLY "But you know what's really weird? Out of the blue last week, I found this bizarre Brian Wilson cassette tape at Out of the Closet, called 'BRAINS & GENIUS' (which is presumably a pun on its creators’ names). It’s got a sort of homemade-lo… more »

Nice Post On Jan berry


The Beach Boys & Satan?????

Hey, Seuss more »

Superlongevity 4: Perlon All-Stars

Perlon’s stable of artists features the best minimal techno/tech-house musicians in the game today. These electronic wizards know how to channel an enticing minimal sound by balancing repetition and change with an extra bit of booty-shaking funk. Her… more »

"Pet Sounds" - 40th Anniversary Edition?

According to HMV, a 40th Anniversary version of Pet Sounds is supposed to be released on 6-6-2006. EDIT: HMV now lists release date as 28-8-2006. more »

Remembering Brian Wilson's Performance

LONDON-SE1 Jude Kelly remembers a Brian Wilson concert in February 2005. She recalls: "My early heroes were the Beach Boys, so when Brian Wilson disappeared from view I mourned him as if he were dead. When I took my two teenage children to see him in th… more »

Kid's TV Kreator Marty Kroft Interviewed By Suicide Girls

SUICIDE GIRLS: I’ve read that you and your brother have said that you never did drugs when you’re doing the shows. But how can you not when you got a show called Lidsville? Marty: Well, you don’t have to have a show called Lidsville to do drugs. We were… more »

Japanese Picture Sleeve

The Beach Boys' Memorial Day Concert: World's Shortest Concert Review


Mike With The "Woo-Woo" Machine

Sweet Susie

Here's A Rare One

Bob Dylan's '65 San Fran Press Conference


Thoughts On "Caroline, No" & Politics


Come On! Let's Take A Trip To Groovy Encinitas!


Honesty Is The Best Policy: Excerpts From Goldmine's '92 Interview With Mike Love

LITTLE PAD Goldmine: Did you like [Brian Wilson's] first solo album? Mike Love: No. Goldmine: You didn't like it? Mike Love: Fuck no. Goldmine: What didn't you like about it? Mike Love: First of all the lyrics. Second of all the arrangements we… more »

Mike Quigley's '69 Interview Of The Boys

QUIGLEY "Well, a lot of our concerts do okay, and I know we still get royalty checks which still isn't that important, but again, I have to just say that we're making our records. We're just doing our thing and why should everybody dig us? Everybody can… more »

Charlie Manson Is Spooky

Pick A Winner