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Arthur Russell's Unique Music reaching New ears

VILLAGE VOICE “To describe Russell's music in a single phrase or paragraph is nigh on impossible. When making dance sides, he fused Indian, African, reggae, jazz, and funk rhythms into a beguiling and pliant blend that defied categorization yet filled d… more »

Mike Rubin: Neu!: Hinter Der Musik: Extended Remix version


The New Portishead Album Is Amazing


Interview With Director Of Arthur Russell Film

XLR8R "He described [Russell as] this gay disco auteur in farmer-plaid shirts who would ride the Staten Island ferry endlessly, listening to cassette tapes of his own mixes." Arthur Russell is one of our most favorite musicians. It's funny that this… more »

Shitkatapult Drops A Load Of Musick

Yes, the main focus of this blog was, is and will always be Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. However, since things have been kinda quite on the Beach Boys/Brian Wilson front, we've been posting on topics other than our main focus. If you need your BW/B… more »

Lupe's "Food And Liquor" No Fiasco


Madlib: Divided Soul

EMUSIC Yes, we like music other than Brian Wilson/Beach Boys. more »

Kode9: Representing The UK Dubstep Scene

FACT MAGAZINE has a great interview with Kode9, an artist at the forefront of the UK electronic music movement called DUBSTEP- an offshoot of Garage music, dubstep is akin to instrumental Grime. Kode9 also runs the label HYPERDUB, which is releasing h… more »

J Dilla's Legacy Continues Despite Untimely Death

MSNBC more »

Sherburne's Techno Monthly

PITCHFORK "So tracks are getting longer, you may be asking: what does it matter? In fact, it matters quite a bit: just as writing a symphony isn't simply a matter of stringing together various preludes, the current trend towards stretching out is affect… more »

Last Month In Techno

PITCHFORK "Perhaps more than any other label, Perlon is responsible for the current shape of minimal house and techno. Since the label's inception in 1997, with two records from Markus Nikolai and Dimbiman, respectively, Perlon has explored every nook a… more »

Lupe Fiasco: Status Update

VILLAGE VOICE "To more than a few of us internet rap dorks, Lupe Fiasco is exactly what the world needs. I don't even think there's anything horribly wrong with commercial rap these days, and I'm still ridiculously amped to see what this guy can do. He'… more »

Yellow magic Orchestra

THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK Yellow Magic Orchestra "formed in Tokyo in 1978 with keyboardist Ryuichi Sakamoto, drummer Yukihiro Takahashi, and bassist Haruomi Hosono. History remembers YMO as a trailblazing synthpop band, one that pioneered the use of synth… more »

Junk Comments Removed!

Wow, you leave the scene for a few days and the spammers go wild! I cleared out all the junk, and I'm back on track. I'm going to be posting again after a brief hiatus. Ta ta for now. more »

An Interview with Ellen Allien and Apparat

POP MATTERS Also, see our PREVIOUS POST for additional information. more »