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Warmth Of The Bass

In-Depth Analysis Of Beach Boys Album Covers

PIPELINE Although Pipeline is chock full of amazing graphics, pictures, facts etc., it's kind of hard to navigate. However, if you are persistent you will find some really rare pictures of hard to find single picture sleeves, ads, photo outtakes, etc.… more »

Bruce Johnston Is A Prude

CITIZENSVOICE “One thing I like about what we’re all about is we don’t have to embarrass anyone with off-color four-letter words. I love freedom of speech, but I don’t like the four-letter words. People should have better taste. Could you imagine havin… more »

Mark Fosson – “The Lost Takoma Sessions”

“Consider the case of Tiffany Anders and her cousin Mark Fosson. Tiffany was a searching, collecting music-fan of twentysomething when she made a shocking discovery: cousin Mark, who’d she’d known all her life, had once played with John Fahey. John Fahey… more »

Bruce Johnson: "Good Vibrations" Stereo Vocals

BEACH BOYS BRITAIN MESSAGE BOARD "RE: Good Vibrations as it relates to stereo vocals.... We recorded all the vocals on eight track at Columbia Records Studio A in Hollywood. These vocals were recorded one track at a time (that makes each track mon… more »

Go To Your Bookstore And Get This Already

As I draw to a close of my second reading, I thought I’d share some more of my thoughts on PETER AMES CARLIN’S wonderful new book Catch A Wave: The Rise, Fall & Redemption of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson. Every fan of Brian Wilson and/or the Beach B… more »

Rare Psych-Pop LP Reissued On CD

MICHELE - Saturn Rings (Fallout) Michele O'Malley, founding member of the Ballroom, only recorded one solo album. Saturn Rings featues the involvement of cult legends such as CURT BOETTCHER (Sagittarius, Millennium, Ballroom), LOWELL GEORGE (Little… more »



Roky Ericson At Chicago's Intonation Fest


The Thoughtful, Introspective Side of The Beach Boys

Waltzing Wilsons

Through The Years

Mike Deasy: Session Musician For Wilson, Spector, presley

THE DAWN PATROL "By the end of 1965, [Mike Deasy] was doing 15 sessions a week including ones for the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, which he remembers fondly. 'Brian Wilson couldn't write out the musicians’ parts, and he didn't hire an arranger to do it. Inst… more »

Sittin' On Top Of The World

Mike Love Will Do Interviews With Anyone

TIMES LEADER “You can’t be the quarterback on a football team for more than 40 years,” Mike Love says. “Some people try, and they get clobbered by linemen too many times. But a great actor is always a great actor, and music is similar. As long as you ha… more »

Brian Wilson Tribute DVD

ANTI MUSIC "(PR) Eagle Rock Entertainment will release 'Various Artists DVD-MusicCares Presents a Tribute To Brian Wilson' on 8/22/06! Picture the Red Hot Chili Peppers doing 'I Get Around.' Or Jeff Beck doing 'Surfin' USA.' This one-time-only eclectic… more »

Brian Wilson Speaks With Press

LAS VEGAS SUN How are you? I feel unbelievably well. I go on a five-mile walk every morning, then work at my piano. Then I play with my kids for a while, and go back to the piano. Then I have dinner and work at the piano some more. Are you perform… more »

Live & In Person

An Interview with Ellen Allien and Apparat

POP MATTERS Also, see our PREVIOUS POST for additional information. more »

Jon Caramanica On TV On The Radio


Burt & Brian?

MASSLIVE "I've just written with Brian Wilson, and all I know is they're damn good songs.” -- Burt Bacharach more »

Hey, Marcella Might Be Available

INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE “The Beach Boys, led by Mike Love, 65, require a licensed masseur qualified in either Swedish or Oriental deep-tissue massage.” more »

I'm With The Band

Hanging With Brian & Friends In The Family Room 1966

Carl Wilson, 1982, Louisville Palace Theater, Louisville, KY

Go Girls, Go!

"There was always going to be Brian Wilson"

AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION MARK BANNERMAN: For many artists 'Sergeant Pepper's could have been the high point and the beginning of an endless decline. Not so for the now Sir Peter Blake. There have been many more record covers amidst a massive… more »

Beach Boys Expolit All Media

MALASIA STAR "AS expected, Capitol/EMI Music Catalog Marketing will salute two of the Beach Boys’ most iconic releases with new editions this summer. First up on June 27 is a new CD single to mark the 40th anniversary of Good Vibrations, to be followed… more »