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Bruce Johnson Has A Voice

CITIZEN'S VOICE “We love what we do. It’s still fun. It’s still fresh. We change the song order every night. I still have my young spirit,” said Bruce Johnston. more »

Last Month In Techno

PITCHFORK "Perhaps more than any other label, Perlon is responsible for the current shape of minimal house and techno. Since the label's inception in 1997, with two records from Markus Nikolai and Dimbiman, respectively, Perlon has explored every nook a… more »

Mike Love Opened His Mouth And This Came Out

THE ROCK RADIO "Well, people have said the same thing about Pet Sounds, that I didn't like Pet Sounds. That's a bunch of crap, because I went with Brian to play Pet Sounds for the A&R guy at Capitol Records. We played it for him, I named the album (… more »

Beach Boys Rock Pitt, Love Still Loves TM

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE "During a recent Capitol Records event that celebrated double-platinum sales for our 'Sounds of Summer' compilation, Brian must have asked me a dozen times if we're going to get back together," Mike Love says. "I'm very open to doing… more »

Working With The Beach Boys

CITIZENS' VOICE Jim Della Croce has been the publicist for The Beach Boys for the last six years. He owns a public relations firm called The Press Office. The Beach Boys are touring 150 days this year and are “through the roof” with concert sales, sa… more »

If You Like Early '70s Soft Rock With A Touch Of Beach Boys Sunshine, You Will Love The Tyde

Southern California natives The Tyde have released one of the best albums of the summer of '06. Swathed in sunshine, cool waves and warm sand, The Tyde's third album, Three's Co., is filled with wonderful sunshine pop tunes, "Do It Again Again" and "Too… more »

"I'm A Genius Too!" - The Murray Wilson Tapes


Onion Interviews Brian Wilson

THE ONION's A.V. CLUB: It's been 40 years since Pet Sounds was released, and we're still discussing it. At the time, did you know that you were creating a masterpiece? Brian Wilson: I knew when we were recording it. I knew it was going to be a milesto… more »

Standin' On Top Of The World

Reviews Of "Pet Sounds"


Al Jardine To Play Red Hawk

RGJ BLOG "Al who?, you say? Al Jardine. He was a founding member of the Beach Boys, but hasn't been with the band for some time, and he's since been banned from using any form of the Beach Boys name in his concerts of Beach Boys music. But in this rathe… more »

The Beach Boys And The Polk Tannerin

INTUITIVE MUSIC has an excellent post, with embedded video, on the Beach Boys' use of a Theremin: "It has been often said that the Beach Boys where responsible for introducing the famous Theremin (father of all the modern synthesizers) to the big audi… more »

New, Weird, American Folkie Joanna Newsome Enlists Aid Of Van Dyke Parks For Fall Album

THE SPACELAB "Drag City has announced the details behind the upcoming Joanna Newsom release, titled Ys (pronounced ‘eees’). At just 5 songs, it will be a short release, but quality has been stressed by the announcement. Quality over quantity, perhaps? T… more »

Van Dyke Parks Cuts Pirate Tune


Mick Jagger, Like Brian Wilson, Uses Auto-Cue

YAHOO UK NEWS "Mick Jagger has been using an auto-cue during the band's "Bigger Bang" world tour, it has been claimed. The device, which reminds The Rolling Stones frontman of the lyrics to the rock legend's songs, even informs him which city he's in.… more »

More Attention For Peter Ames Carlin's "Catch A Wave"


"Pet Sounds" 40th Ann. Edition Preview

LA TIMES "The most scintillating new element of Capitol Records' 40th anniversary reissue of the Beach Boys' watershed "Pet Sounds" album is on the DVD part of a deluxe CD-DVD package. [The DVD includes] an excerpt from "Rhythm of Life," a previously u… more »

Jobriath: And You Shall Know Him By His Name

ALL MUSIC "Widely acclaimed today as the first ever openly (and genuinely) gay rock star, an iconic status which only seems to harden as time passes, Jobriath can also be described among the saddest casualties in modern musical history." JOBRIATH WIKI… more »

Lupe Fiasco: Status Update

VILLAGE VOICE "To more than a few of us internet rap dorks, Lupe Fiasco is exactly what the world needs. I don't even think there's anything horribly wrong with commercial rap these days, and I'm still ridiculously amped to see what this guy can do. He'… more »

Scrounging Hard For Music History

MONSTERS & CRITICS "1999 - Joe Thomas, co-producer of Brian Wilson`s 1998 album 'Imagination,' countersues Melinda Wilson, the musician`s wife and conservator. The suit claims that Melinda Wilson 'schemed against and... manipulated both Brian and Jo… more »