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Best New Folk & Folk-Rock CDs: Past Eighteen Months

Sibylle Baier COLOUR GREEN (Orange Twin Records) Robbie Basho VENUS IN CANCER (Tompkins Square) Sandy Bull STILL VALENTINE’S DAY 1969 (Water) Vashti Bunyan LOOKAFTERING (DiCristina) Karen Dalton IN MY OWN TIME (Light In The Attic) Espers II (Drag Ci… more »

Brian Wilson '66 Action Figure

In Praise Of Dennis Wilson

MR. TRICK more »

ER Actor, Erstwhile Beach Boy John Stamos Speaks

NY POST "HW: Have you thought about inviting the Beach Boys for a reunion on the show [ER]?" "John Stamos: I saw the other day The Beach Boys have been on like every show that I’ve been on, but now they’re getting to the age where I think we have the… more »

Beach Boys Concert Review


“New Magnetic Wonder”: Apples in Stereo Album Preview

I recently obtained an advance copy of New Magnetic Wonder, APPLES IN STEREO'S first new album in five years. I can thankfully report that it shows the band in as fine a form as ever. It contains 14 “proper” songs and 12 mini-musical segue-ways. Band… more »

Capitol Compact: Juke Box EP