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Brian Wilson & Al Jardine Interviewed


New Hollywood film to detail life of Brian Wilson

UPI Former Beach Boys singer/songwriter Brian Wilson has signed with producer Mark Gordon to make a Hollywood film based on his life. "I admire Brian for his willingness to tell his story truthfully," Gordon told Daily Variety. "It's complex and ther… more »

Tom Kenny Discusses Getting Brian Wilson To Appear On SpongeBob's "Best Day Ever" CD

NEWSDAY You have a lot of real heavy hitters on this album, like Brian Wilson. How did you get him? "We were writing a Brian Wilson-esque song with Brian Wilson-esque background vocals on it, and at the last minute, we had this opportunity to reach o… more »

Best Beach Boys Bootleg Posts From Uncanny Mark I http://uncan… more »

Brian Wilson = Wash. Post Editors' Pick


Brian Wilson In Top Form

My Review of MIke Love's Unreleased Solo Album "Mike Love, Not War" more »

400th Beach Boys / Brian Wilson Post!!

WNDU Beach Boys Play South Bend. more »

Joanna Newsom, Mysterious?

NEW YORK MAGAZINE How did you hook up with a living legend like Van Dyke Parks? "I knew and loved Song Cycle, but I didn’t understand what a big deal it was to approach him to do this. He had the grace to not unburden me of that ignorance. When I me… more »

Brian Wilson 1977

Various Beach Boys Pictures

Mike Loves Talks To Paper Via Telephone

SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE Regarding his long talked-about solo album, Mike Love says: "I've got 14 songs. Since I spoke to you, I've done a couple more songs. I hope it'll come out in the spring." At the moment, Love says, he has an independent distribu… more »