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Caribou Frontman Dan Snaith Thinks Dennis Wilson Is "Weird"

MCGILL DAILY “We were obsessed with finding out about other weird music..and it didn’t matter whether it was a Dennis Wilson record or techno from the UK going around at that time.” more »

Wonders: The Beach Boys’ Wild Honey

SHOES ON POWERLINES has some interesting comments on this wonderful album. more »

Beach Boys star brings summer sounds back to Kenwood


Settlement reached in Beach Boys case

DAILY BREEZE "Carla A. DiMare, an attorney for the Carl Wilson Trust, said the terms of the settlement are confidential, but that both Love and Jardine were pleased with the outcome." more »

Why Does The Press Care So Much About Carnie's Weight?

PR INSIDE "I've hit rock bottom with my weight. Everyone can see that I'm bigger, but I cannot hibernate. I've never lied or been dishonest about what's going on in my life. Even all these years later, having had such a great weight-loss story, being bac… more »

Carnie Dishes On Dad In Q&A

FASHION.IE Your dad, Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson, was able to slim down. He walks five miles a day and is a great inspiration. Around Christmas, he said, “Carnie, I see you’re a little heavier. Are you okay?” I said, “Dad, it’s really hard.” And h… more »

Apologies & Reconnections

Well, UNCANNY is back, after a rough patch where we had to stop blogging for an extended period of time. Right before we stopped writing new posts, we did some CD-R trades with a couple of kind Beach Boys fans. Unfortunately, due to extremely extenuati… more »

Brian Wilson Leads Return Of Kenwood Gigs


Beach Boys Back In Court

E ONLINE "The battling Boys, with the aid of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Alexander Williams, sat down to avoid a trial and attempt to hash out a settlement to Love's claim that Jardine owes him about $2 million in attorney's fees racked up from pre… more »

Denny Lives!

Track List: Dennis Wilson "Pacific Ocean Blue" Re-Issue

LEGACY RECORDINGS BLOG Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blue Legacy Edition Disc One 1. River Song (3:44) (Dennis Wilson/Carl Wilson) 2. What’s Wrong (2:23) (Dennis Wilson/Gregg Jakobson/Michael Horn) 3. Moonshine (2:27) (Dennis Wilson/Gregg… more »

Kevin Love: B-Ball & B-Boys

NY TIMES "'He doesn’t like to admit that he listens to it as much as he does,' said Mike Love, an original Beach Boy and one of Kevin’s uncles. 'Because it might mess with his street cred.'" "'Coming down to L.A., Southern California, everybody appre… more »

H'w'd Bowl: L.A. Phil Will Back Brian Wilson Sept. 12-14

VARIETY more »

Art Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

The Beach Boys: Endless Summer or Inevitable Bummer?


That Lucky Old Sun Studios Demos

THE TRADERS DEN Since we're at work, we can't check whether this is a good link or not. If you try it, please let us know how it works out by posting a comment here. Thanks. EDIT BIG O ZINE Here's another link we found. TALKIN' ABOUT MY REVOLUTIO… more »

Daft Punk's Favorite Beach Boys Tune Said To Be "Darlin'"


Belated Birthday Tribute To Mike Love

JAM BASE more »