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More Beach Boys Oddities Re-issued

According to CABIN ESSENCE BLOG: "On November 25, two out-of-print Beach Boys-related albums will make their U.S. digital release debuts. Capitol/Caroline World Service will release 1963 Shut Down, a hot rod-centric various artist compilation that inspi… more »

Another Look at "The Beach Boys and the Satan"


Interview: Taylor Mills of the Brian Wilson Band

30 DAYS OUT "There was a strong sense of history during the [SMiLE] sessions. There was also a sense of history being made and the happy finishing of a project that had dark connotations for Brian - almost an exorcism so to speak - and it was done lovi… more »

Go Insane: Lindsey Buckingham Channels Wilson Brothers' Spirit

HEAD HERITAGE "It’s [Lindsey Buckingham's] music, melodies and sonic wizardry that are the reason he is sometimes referred to as the successor to Brian Wilson. Not that he sounds like Wilson per se – but he clearly inherited his sense of experimentation… more »

Brian Wilson vs. Mike Love: Graphic Illustration


More on "The Beach Boys and the Satan"


Copyright Law Gone Haywire

WSJ "How is it that sensible people, people no doubt educated at some of the best universities and law schools in the country, would come to think it a sane use of corporate resources to threaten the mother of a dancing 13-month-old? What is it that all… more »

Review of "The Beach Boys and the Satan" DVD

SAN ANTONIO CURRENT "Originally aired on German television as part of the Pop Odyssee series in 1997, and unavailable for more than a decade, The Satan begins with an unfocused look at the initial surf-rock culture, highlighting instrumental hits by Dic… more »

Encomium In Memoriam Vol. 1: Jan Berry of Jan & Dean

JAN AND DEAN I recently received a copy of the marvelous new tribute album "Encomium In Memoriam Vol. 1: Jan Berry of Jan & Dean." It's a testament to the genius of Jan Berry. I think that an honest appraisal of Berry's music is a key part of und… more »

Marcia Brady Slams Eugene Landy

CONTACT MUSIC "A really unfortunate thing was that I ended up getting treated by Dr. Eugene Landy, who was Brian Wilson's shrink - who was awful, I have to say. He sent me back so much. He put me on drugs - I didn't know if I was going or coming - and w… more »

Brian Wilson, Werchter Classic 2005


Beach Boys Rehearsals


Dick Dale experimenting with modes

JAZZ.COM "You thought that Miles and Trane were the only people experimenting with modes in the early 1960s? Think again. Dick Dale, the King of the Surf Guitar, was playing some crazy scales on his Stratocaster back in the day, with a little help from… more »


ENDLESS SUMMER QUARTERLY On Saturday, November 1, 2008, David Beard and Endless Summer Quarterly (ESQ) will present A Celebration of Music, a fundraiser to support the Cornelius Animal Shelter, at Crave the Experience in Cornelius, NC. The event will fe… more »

The Omni Recording Corporation Re-Issues Significant Sonic Treasures

The Omni Recording Corporation is quickly becoming one of my most favorite record labels. They specialize in re-issuing obscure sonic artifacts from the ‘60s and ‘70s. TORC has brought back to life some very interesting folk-rock, outlaw/obscure country… more »



Dads vs. Sons

THE NATIONAL "Brian Wilson, the lead singer and songwriter of the Beach Boys, was constantly having run-ins with his father Murry, an abusive man who became obsessed with, and hugely jealous of, his son’s extraordinary talent. On January 8, 1965, the B… more »