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Brian Wilson: Sure, Pet Sounds Is Great, But Have You Heard Beach Boys Party!?

PHOENIX NEW TIMES "I submit to you that the Beach Boys album preceding Pet Sounds is also a true masterpiece, deserving of enshrinement in the National Recording Registry alongside it's more famous sibling. That record, Beach Boys Party!, is something o… more »

The Most Painful Q&A Ever Published?

PHOENIX NEW TIMES blog has a description of the interview with Brian Wilson EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE published the interview Q: What can fans in Phoenix expect from your show? A: You are going to hear some Beach Boys classics along with some Brian Wilson… more »

"Smart Girls" As Evidence of Brian Wilson's Advanced Genius

NY TIMES "Smart Girls, Brian Wilson. Advanced Artists worship rock ‘n’ roll, but they also embrace new styles of music. While many older rockers were dismissive of hip hop, Wilson was inspired by it. The result of this inspiration is one of the stranges… more »