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Van Dyke Parks goes 'Across the Borderline' for Roskilde Festival: With Video

LA TIMES “When I got asked to come to Roskilde, I decided that I should keep a focus on something that I’m interested in ... And I found by going to Pan-American music that I could hit on something which is essentially a very hot political topic right n… more »

Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Reunion: Fact, Fiction or Fantasy?

ROLLING STONE According to Al Jardine: "We’re definitely doing at least one show — you heard it first ... It’s a big deal. I don’t know where it will be yet, but it’ll probably be free. Golden Gate Park was mentioned, as was the [National] Mall in Washi… more »

'California Gurls' versus 'California Girls': Brian Wilson chimes in on Katy Perry's hit single

LA TIMES "'I love her vocal,' the Beach Boys' creative mastermind said Monday through his manager. 'She sounds very clear and energetic .... The melody is infectious, and I'm flattered that Snoop Dogg used our lyric on the tag,' Wilson noted. 'I wish th… more »