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Beach Boys get everyone from grandparents to new babies dancing in Logan

CACHE VALLEY DAILY "The Beach Boys put on quite the show Thursday night in Logan, kicking off with 'Surfin' USA' and singing for almost two straight hours. Mike Love, one of the original band members, told a few jokes and after six songs he said they ne… more »

Brian Wilson: 9 of Hearts

More Forgotten Beach Boys – Sentimental Stylings

LVLS "Here are five more of my personal choices for forgotten Beach Boys songs. Once again, they range from the group’s prime in the mid 60s all the way to their reinvention in the 80s, so you can get a good sample of their different styles and eras. We… more »

Brian Wilson – Spirit of rock'n'roll Live at Handlery Hotel 1990

Watch the video here: OVATION "Spirit of rock’n'roll Live in at Handlery Hotel, San Diego, CA July 28, 1990. This short performance for the ESQ Beach Boys Convention featured Brian Wilson singing solo and playing piano. A pre-recorded backing track was… more »

Brian Wilson Band Member Nelson Bragg Returns To Rockport

GOOD MORNING GLOUCESTER "Rockport native, Nelson Bragg will return to Cape Ann following the latest leg of his Canadian tour with the Brian Wilson Band. An LA resident now, Bragg returns home to play music and enjoy the 4th of July festivities." more »

Great Vibrations; Brian Wilson's genius shines in Vancouver

CTV BC "It seems like six months barely go by these days without the so-called Beach Boys passing through B.C. on the casino concert circuit. Of course, everyone knows these are The Beach Boys in name only. The spirit of the band exited years ago with t… more »

Review: Brian Wilson pops open a can of classics in Vancouver

SMILEY SMILE MESSAGE BOARD "Since releasing the long overdue Smile album in 2004, Brian Wilson has been enjoying quite a rebirth. The Beach Boys founder may not be able to dodge the neverending discussions concerning his troubled past and fragile, frac… more »

Columbia A, 12/15/66

Information supplied by Andrew G. Doe at the SMILEY SMILE MESSAGE BOARD. more »

Brian Wilson: "LSD fucked with my brain"

NME highlights the most salacious quote in a recent Brian Wilson interview with THE GUARDIAN. more »

What's on: Brian Wilson

LANCASHIRE TELEGRAPH "The Brian Wilson of 2011 cuts a very different image from the one who carved out such glorious, sun-kissed music with The Beach Boys." more »

Brian Wilson brings Gershwin to the Jube

GIG CITY "At his Regina show on Friday night, legendary Beach Boys impresario Brian Wilson – he who once lay in bed for three years — reportedly took to the stage in sweatpants and a dress shirt. He played, he talked, he rambled and mumbled a bit discon… more »

Will Brian Wilson Film Depict 1978 Balboa Park Vagrancy Bust?

SAN DIEGO READER "In June 1978, [Brian] Wilson, without telling his wife or fellow bandmembers, decided (inexplicably) to escape his life entirely and hitchhike to Mexico. He wound up in San Diego a few days later, according to Steven Gaines’s biography… more »

Brian Wilson lives up to his erratic genius

OTTAWA CITIZEN "Ever the eccentric. Brian Wilson, 69, the troubled pop visionary behind the Beach Boys brought his solo act to the Jubilee Auditorium on Saturday night for a concert that saw flashes of the musical brilliance the man is so revered for, b… more »

REVIEW: Brian Wilson ‘reimagines’ Gershwin, Beach Boys

GIG CITY "I’ve read the books and reviews that say Brian Wilson is a weird guy, but Sunday night at the Jubilee Auditorium, he wasn’t any weirder than anyone I know." more »