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Mike Love Pours Water On Beach Boys Reunion

BILLBOARD "There have been a lot of ideas floated, but nothing decided ... So far it's just conversation. There are no big plans yet -- although there's a lot of interest from a lot of people to see what would happen if we got together and did some new… more »

Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Reunion: Fact, Fiction or Fantasy?

ROLLING STONE According to Al Jardine: "We’re definitely doing at least one show — you heard it first ... It’s a big deal. I don’t know where it will be yet, but it’ll probably be free. Golden Gate Park was mentioned, as was the [National] Mall in Washi… more »

'California Gurls' versus 'California Girls': Brian Wilson chimes in on Katy Perry's hit single

LA TIMES "'I love her vocal,' the Beach Boys' creative mastermind said Monday through his manager. 'She sounds very clear and energetic .... The melody is infectious, and I'm flattered that Snoop Dogg used our lyric on the tag,' Wilson noted. 'I wish th… more »

Press begins to take notice of Brian Wilson's re-imagination of Gershwin tunes


Backstage in South Florida: The Beach Boys' Good Vibrations Turned Bad

BROWARD/PALM BEACH NEW TIMES "Once onstage, Dennis Wilson began acting erratically. Only an adequate drummer at best, he issued a blunt confession during the middle of 'Help Me Rhonda' when he suddenly grabbed an overhead mic and abruptly announced 'I'm… more »

The Fat Boys & the Beach Boys "Wipe Out" Makes The List of Hip-hop's oddest, best and most unexpected pairings, as chosen by Sage Francis

LA TIMES "In 1987 the Fat Boys remade the Surfaris' 'Wipe Out' song and they had the Beach Boys singing the background vocals. This is one of the most bizarre pairings in hip-hop history and it hardly ever gets talked about. In fact, I just had to revis… more »

concert review: Brian Wilson at Talking Stick Resort

PHOENIX NEW TIMES "So, sure, sometimes he plays a show so shoddy fans demand their money back on his message board. Luckily, this wasn't such a disaster. Brian and his band were good but not great, belting out the hits one after another and goading the… more »

Brian Wilson: Sure, Pet Sounds Is Great, But Have You Heard Beach Boys Party!?

PHOENIX NEW TIMES "I submit to you that the Beach Boys album preceding Pet Sounds is also a true masterpiece, deserving of enshrinement in the National Recording Registry alongside it's more famous sibling. That record, Beach Boys Party!, is something o… more »

The Most Painful Q&A Ever Published?

PHOENIX NEW TIMES blog has a description of the interview with Brian Wilson EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE published the interview Q: What can fans in Phoenix expect from your show? A: You are going to hear some Beach Boys classics along with some Brian Wilson… more »

"Smart Girls" As Evidence of Brian Wilson's Advanced Genius

NY TIMES "Smart Girls, Brian Wilson. Advanced Artists worship rock ‘n’ roll, but they also embrace new styles of music. While many older rockers were dismissive of hip hop, Wilson was inspired by it. The result of this inspiration is one of the stranges… more »

Brian Wilson knows what a hit record is

SPINNER'"I was a huge fan of Brian's ability to write songs,' [John] Fogerty says. 'So, at some point, long before I made it with my band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, we were knocking on the door at Fantasy Records. We'd made some kind of tape with… more »

Crate Diggin': Easy Listening Version of Brian Wilson's "Heroes and Villains"

LA WEEKLY "You might know bandleader Don Costa as the urbane arranger behind some of Frank Sinatra's most iconic tunes, the Chairman's go-to man in the 1960s for chart-topping orchestrations. You might also know him (though we doubt it) as the man who… more »

Beach Boys/Brian Wilson Promo CD Extravaganza Vol. 12: Conclusion

Here's the belated conclusion of the Beach Boys/Brian Wilson Promo CD Extravaganza. Instead of one promo per post, this time you get three. It's been quite awhile since the last installment of the extravaganza. My interest in the Beach Boys waxes and… more »

Brian Wilson to Complete Unfinished George Gershwin Songs

LA TIMES "In a surprise union of two quintessentially American composers from different eras, one the 1960s mastermind of 'Good Vibrations,' the other the Jazz Age creator of 'Rhapsody in Blue,' former Beach Boy Brian Wilson has been authorized by the e… more »

Cool Beach Boys "Love You" T-Shirt Pics

READY FOR THE HOUSE blog has a few more pictures for you to peruse as your lesiure. more »