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Roky Erikson & the 13th Floor Elevators

WEEKEND AMERICA "You know, he was basically just a homeless psychotic person," Michael Corcoran says. "And you would cross the street if you saw him come your way. But with the right psychiatric help, medication, the care of his brother - to see him ele… more »

CD REVIEW- Inara George With Van Dyke Parks

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Exhaustive Jan & Dean Collection Long Overdue

DIXIE DINING "This wonderful new collection from Collector’s Choice Music is slated to be released on August 26th...I have always been a fan of Jan and Dean — their approach was innocent and fun-loving, although their own personal story was not always s… more »

Take A Mono Ride With Jan & Dean


Jan & Dean: "The Complete Liberty Singles"

JAZZ NEWS "On August 26, Collectors' Choice Music will release Jan & Dean: The Complete Liberty Singles in original mono (instead of the after-the-fact stereo that has dominated reissues of the band's work). The collection contains 42 songs includin… more »

Liberation Day for Promo CDs; Sales Don't Infringe Copyright

ELECTRIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION "In an important victory for the first sale doctrine, a federal district court today ruled that selling 'promo CDs' on eBay does not infringe copyright. The court threw out a lawsuit by Universal Music Group (UMG), which had… more »

The Explorers Club

STRAIGHT "Some listeners...might be left to ask whether it wouldn’t be nice (and certainly more instructive) to try and recreate the Beach Boys at their shittiest, rather than their best. Which young band of brave adventurers is up for using 'Kokomo' as… more »

The Explorers Club brings back Beach Boys' sound

WICKED LOCAL “People have been influenced by Phil Spector and Brian Wilson, but they end up putting their own stuff in their songs,” says frontman and songwriter Jason Brewer. “We’re kind of purists. We’re trying to do a continuation of that sound from… more »

The Explorers Club offering up taste of ‘Good Vibrations'


LOCAL ACT | The Explorers Club

CHARLESTON CITY PAPER "There's no one out there making the kind of records that I enjoy listening to — or that my parents, grandparents, and all my friends would like," says singer/guitarist Jason Brewer, the main songwriter and arranger of local pop-ro… more »

CD review for The Explorers Club


The Explorers Club frolic in sunny pop harmonies


Van Dyke Parks: Song Cycle


Let's Go Swimming: An Arthur Russell Tribute

NYTIMES "He was a songwriter with a sound that lay somewhere between droning art-song, FM radio pop and country music. He treated songs as permeable, flexible, unfinished entities, letting them drift together, ignoring standard rules about verses and ch… more »


THE VELVET UNDERGROUND DISPATCHES FROM THE DREAM FACTORY 3CD, Scorpio, GBS9 Disc 1: Erupting Plastic Inevitable: 1. Walk Alone / 2. Miss Joanie Lee / 3. Heroin / 4. There She Goes Again II / 5. Get It On Time / 6. I'll Keep It With Mine / 7. Europ… more »