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Sunn0))) and Boris: Thinking Man's Metal

Japanese metal band BORIS has released one of 2006's best albums, PINK, released by the SOUTHERN LORD label. Check a feature on Boris, and label mates Sunn0))), in the NY TIMES MAGAZINE. more »

Japanese "Heroes & Villains"

Scritti Politti: The Return Of Green

GUARDIAN UK "White Bread, Black Beer - [Green] Gartside's fabulous new album, released under the Scritti Politti name that brought him fame more than 20 years ago, and his first release in seven years - is radiant with love and gratitude. The pioneer of… more »

Cool Design


Review Of New "Hallmark" Beach Boys Disc


Mike Love - "I'm known as the bad one in this band"

ASBURY PARK PRESS "It's a shame," Mike Love said. "Brian has . . . problems. He's been controlled his whole life. His father controlled him and then Dr. (Eugene) Landy controlled him. And now the people surrounding him are controlling his life. I would… more »

Download Some Weird, Rare Albums


Columbia Journalism Review Takes On Pitchfork. Columbia Journalism Review?

CJR "For those who don’t have forty hours a week to devote to panning for gold in the vast muddy river of new releases, there’s Pitchfork (, the eleven-year-old Web magazine that does the sifting for you. The main thing that disti… more »

Bubblegum Music Fans Rejoice! 1910 Fruitgum Company Is Back

BILLBOARD "The reunited 1910 FRUITGUM COMPANY has re-recorded five of its late 1960s hits along with as many new original songs. Led by original members Floyd Marcus (drums/vocals) and Frank Jeckell (guitar/vocals), the bubblegum pop group tracked 'That… more »

Getting To Know Nacogdoches' Love For Wilson


We Needed Some Color

MIKE KELLEY “Painting with Hawaiian Mask, Ballerina, and De Stijl Painting”, 1976 Mixed media on paper, 24 x 24 inches more »


UPDATE! New link: ROCK REPORT BEACH BOYS BRITAIN Founding Beach Boy Al Jardine says that he'll team up with the group's co-founder Brian Wilson for various live dates and maybe even some recording this year. Jardine told LAUNCH that he'll be on hand… more »

What The Heck, More B&W Fun

What's With All The Black & White Photos Today?

The "Lost" Beach Boy: David Marks' Home Page Has Lots Of Interesting Items To Offer


Mike Loves TM

CHARLESTON "Like any relationship, there's going to be issues and problems," said Mike Love "Meditating every day has helped me to be more adaptable. It's helped me to recover from stress, and to not respond in kind, even if somebody did something negat… more »

The Twilight Singers Record features brian Wilson Collaborator Scott Bennett


Sometimes We Just Can't Help Ourselves

Sheet Music

Dixie Chicks + Brian Wilson Connection


Yogic Flying In Kansas

DAILY NEWS & ANALYSIS INDIA In Smith Center, Kansas “the India-born founder of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, purchased land to build what his foundation is calling the World Capital of Peace, where the group’s m… more »

"Pet Projects: The Brian Wilson Productions"

The OF MIRROR EYE BLOG has posted some MP3s from this excellent, and highly recommended, disc. more »

"Good Vibrations" 40th Anniversary Edition: Despite Few Details, Appears To Be A Reality

It's listed on AMAZON. Also, see our PREVIOUS POST. more »

Cool Looking LP From Spain

Oh My God; Say It's Not So!

You Don't Know What I've Got

Al's Big Break: No Big Surprise

FORBES: What was your big break? AL JARDINE: Going to school with Brian Wilson was my biggest break. We reconnected in junior college and renewed our friendship. Now there's a reason to go to college, for the people you meet. more »

Finally, a good answer to the question, “What do Gore, Kerry, Zinczenko and Brian Wilson have in common?”


Depressing Songs

CHICAGO TRIBUNE "The Beach Boys’ '’Til I Die' finds Brian Wilson getting his head above the murk of his years-long depression to compose this devastatingly sad, gorgeous song in which he envisions himself as a 'cork on the ocean,' 'a rock in a landslide… more »

Popmatters Profiles Nilsson


"God Only Knows" X 13


"Good Vibrations" 40th Anniversary Edition?

Expected Release Date: June 27, 2006 SHOP EMI CAPITOL RECORDS more »

A Better Time, A Better Place

Keepin' The Promos Alive

"Wouldn't It Be Nice" Is The fifth most conservative rock song of all time?

NATIONAL REVIEW As I recall, the Godfather of the Conservatives, Ronnie Reagan, chose a Secretary of the Interior, JAMES G. WATT, who wouldn't allow the Beach Boys to play in Washington D.C. on July 4. Hooray for hypocrisy! Watt said that rock music… more »

Wet Nurse Listening to Beach Boys Scribe Peter Ames Carlin

NONLINEARGIRL BLOG "On a recent 'night out' I heard PETER AMES CARLIN read from his new biography of Brian Wilson. The reading made me realize that there are some hard-core Beach Boys fans out there and that they take the band's music really seriously.… more »

The Diet and Brian Wilson

RONMUSIC BLOG “Fellow Beach Boys fans, take note: there's an interesting digression at one point when [Daniel] Johnston's mother compares her son's psyche and career with Brian Wilson's (though you kind of want to take her aside and say, ‘Uh, Mrs. Johns… more »

"Kind of pop, but too much falsetto and drugs"

KAKAMAK BLOG Just a fairly funny, one line description of the Beach Boys. more »

Shake Your Money Maker

It's been very slow lately regarding new things related to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Brian has been keeping a very low profile since he was sued by his cousin. Mike Love's version of the Beach Boys is still doing its neverending tour of minor ma… more »

Sparks in '60s L.A.

GRAPHIK DESIGNS SPARKS PAGES “Ron Mael & Russell Mael were teenagers during Los Angeles' musical golden period, where bands like the Doors, Love, the Standells and the Leaves played at the Whisky-a-Go-Go on Sunset Strip and Brian Wilson & the Be… more »

Sparks Take L.A.

YAHOO NEWS "On Saturday, May 20, [Sparks] returned to their hometown of Los Angeles to perform their just-released rock opera, Hello Young Lovers, as a special one-night-only stage production that was--rather appropriately--self-hyped as 'the show of th… more »

This One Is New To Us

Brian, Darian & Van Dyke

For Some, The '60s Never Died

THE BOX TOPS "'We were just kids in a band who sounded like whatever group were we trying to sound like: the Rascals, Beach Boys, Beatles … Two of us were still in high school,' Gary Talley said. 'We never had any creative control. Really, the only thin… more »

Band Pays Tribute To Genius of Carl & Dennis Wilson

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE "'It just seemed really natural,' says Adam Marsland, of the '90s indie-pop band Cockeyed Ghost. 'Darian Sahanaja, a friend of mine who also plays with Brian, once noted that even though he and I have similar formative musical to… more »