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"Pet Sounds," "Blonde on Blonde" & "Revolver" - 40 Year Old Albums Hold Up Well

COURIER PRESS "When I listen to Brian Wilson sing 'I Guess I Just Wasn't Made for These Times' and 'I Know There's an Answer' on Pet Sounds, I hear a tangled web of angst and insecurity and pain. On the other hand, when I hear 'Wouldn't It Be Nice,' I j… more »

Watch Out For The Brown Acid, Man

TIMES ONLINE UK “For this reason, almost always, it’s the drug du jour that has opened up creative avenues. Samuel Taylor Coleridge would not have written Kubla Khan without the opium he obtained from his Highgate chemist; Van Gogh’s absinthe made every… more »

17 Beach Boys Albums


I'd Like A Bigger Copy of The Picture Used On The Cover of This Bootleg

What A Tragedy

ET "The one tragedy about the Beach Boys is the incursion of drugs," says Mike Love. "We always wanted to accentuate the positive and the result is there's harmony and positivity, which are extremely attractive ingredients when you think about it. Diss… more »

Great "Lost" Albums

OC WEEKLY "THE BEACH BOYS, SMILE (recorded 1967, released 2004) Smile was supposed to be the Beach Boys’ career-capping masterpiece, but it only got as far as some cover art and the 'Good Vibrations' single before maestro Brian Wilson collapsed under th… more »

Useful, Albeit Out Of Date, Beach Boys Discography


One Blogger's Thoughts On The Beach Boys "Love You" Album


R.I.P. Syd

TELEGRAPH UK BLABBERMOUTH Beach Boys’ Bruce Johnston, who did some of the vocal arrangements on the Pink Floyd album The Wall, told Launch, "Syd Barrett dreamed up the 'roots' path for Pink Floyd to 'fill out' in future amazing albums. We might not hav… more »

Junk Comments Removed!

Wow, you leave the scene for a few days and the spammers go wild! I cleared out all the junk, and I'm back on track. I'm going to be posting again after a brief hiatus. Ta ta for now. more »