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How Little Is That Deuce Coupe?

TMZ This link leads to a recent, but not very flattering, picture of Brian Wilson in the Beverly Glen shopping complex. more »

Brian Wilson & Gene Estes Say Dada

Brian Wilson w/ Gene Estes "Love to Say Dada" session, May 1967. From the book Pop Surf Culture: Music Design Film and Fashion from the Bohemian Surf Era AMAZON LISTING SANTA MONICA PRESS more »

Brian Wilson Talks About Jan Berry / Jan & Dean

Jan Berry & Fan ca. 1979 YOU TUBE more »

Brian Wilson Sings A Love Letter To California

Design By Cody Hudson


The Beach Boys are popping up everywhere this year in music but don't seem to be getting their due


A Beach Boy (Bruce Johnston) Goes Disco

IDOLATOR "My favorite solo work of Johnston's is his version of the Chantays' surf-rock hit 'Pipeline,' which was recently unearthed by a thrifting friend of mine." more »

Wilson Phillips to reunite at Morongo


Author Eric Alterman's Playlist Includes Obscure Ledbelly Cover By Brian Wilson

NY TIMES "13) Goodnight, Irene, Brian Wilson. What’s the last song in the world you can imagine making a great up-tempo, bouncy Beach-Boyish romp? I’ll be impressed if you could find a better candidate than this Ledbelly classic, and yet … you can find… more »

Stephen John Kalinich's LP With Brian Wilson Gets Rescued

Flower power: Kalinich and his then-wife Renee Ciral. SEATTLE WEEKLY more »

Hope And Stillness In The Turmoil: Stephen Kalinich’s A World Of Peace Must Come


The Wrecking Crew - Live!

BUTTLE'S WORLD Members of the legendary Wrecking Crew get together for one more LA jam session. Al Jardine even stops by for a cameo. 10/09/08 Edit: Damn, I need to get a new pair of glasses. Please see comments for correct location information. more »

The Beach Boys :: Rehearsals 1967


Let The Beach Boys Comparisons Commence!

GQ "Pet Sounds, Graceland, and baroque popsters like Van Dyke Parks are the touch-points—creating a warm (but tentative) record for timorous times. The Beach Boys looked upwards in their uncertainty—most famously, God only knew what they'd do without yo… more »

Music Review: Brian Wilson- That Lucky Old Sun

UC PATRIOT The headline of this article misspells Brian as Bryan. 10/07/08 edit: Apparently this was not the fault of the author, who was kind enough to leave a comment. The mistake has been corrected. more »

Department of Eagles Dig SMiLE Bootlegs

NY TIMES "[Daniel] Rossen and [Fred] Nicolaus [of the band Department of Eagles] are enthusiastic fans of Brian Wilson’s bootlegged late-1960s recordings for the album 'Smile' and of songwriters steeped in Hollywood pop lore like Van Dyke Parks, Randy N… more »

Brian Wilson 2007 Programme

Purchase Brian Wilson Merchandise


Mark London Designed 19" felt pennant

Vinyl Revived

I've noticed a spate of recent articles about the growing interest in vinyl records amongst music buyers. The number of these articles suggests either that some journalists are lazy and just copy what their colleagues have already done or there's actual… more »

Jean Shin- "Sound Wave"

Holy Man: Dennis Wilson Revived

THE FANZINE An interesting article by top-notch music writer Andy Beta. "Over thirty years on, POB has aged rather well. Though at times it could sound like a Glenn Fry solo album (and might make us re-appraise such a beast) with its mix of machism… more »