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Arthur Russell's Unique Music reaching New ears

VILLAGE VOICE “To describe Russell's music in a single phrase or paragraph is nigh on impossible. When making dance sides, he fused Indian, African, reggae, jazz, and funk rhythms into a beguiling and pliant blend that defied categorization yet filled d… more »

Pitchfork reviews The Explorers Club -"Freedom Wind"

PITCHFORK only gives them a 6.7 out of ten. This album is much better than that. more »

The Explorers Club Debut East Coast Surf Sound Via Dead Oceans


Arthur Lee's Futile Hipness, Reissued

VILLAGE VOICE reviews the recently re-issued, deluxe edition of Love's "Forever Changes" album PITCHFORK also has a review BLOGCRITICS also takes a crack more »

We Love Sparks!

SCOTSMAN "Sparks came to life in 1970 when the California-based duo were still students. Their quirky – albeit ignored or maligned – assault on the mainstream was initially called Halfnelson, blending Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and the Beach Boys."… more »

Before I Got Into The Beach Boys, This Is The Kind Of Music I Listened To

NEW YORK TIMES Here's an artilcle about the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) more »

Laurel Canyon: A Playlist


Interview With Director Of Arthur Russell Film

XLR8R "He described [Russell as] this gay disco auteur in farmer-plaid shirts who would ride the Staten Island ferry endlessly, listening to cassette tapes of his own mixes." Arthur Russell is one of our most favorite musicians. It's funny that this… more »

Theremins: Making music with the wave of a hand

GAZETTE.NET "The Beach Boys used a theremin-like instrument to record the electronic warble heard in 'Good Vibrations.'" more »

Zombies Enlist Aid of Brian Wilson Collaborator Darian Sahanaja

FINANCIAL TIMES "The harmonies, aided by Darian Sahanaja, who helped Brian Wilson bring 'Smile' to life, sounded as pristine as could be..." GUARDIAN UK "The Zombies' 1968 album 'Odessey and Oracle' is one of rock history's great what-ifs. It was an… more »

Blogs Offer OOP Vinyl For Download

WALL STREET JOURNAL "Scores of obscure recordings and nostalgic favorites are available on the Web -- thanks to a handful of crate diggers who have converted their analog recordings into a digital format. Some of today's record players are even equipped… more »

Pitchfork Gives Another Nod To The Explorers Club


The Explorers Club MP3s

"Last Kiss" "Do You Love Me?" more »

The Explorers Club Sets Sail

This weekend I received an unsolicited copy of “Freedom Wind,” the debut album of THE EXPLORERS CLUB, a new band from Charleston, South Carolina. Having never heard of this band, I was slightly skeptical, at first. The cover art was clearly a nod to th… more »

Joanna Newsom, Mysterious?

NEW YORK MAGAZINE How did you hook up with a living legend like Van Dyke Parks? "I knew and loved Song Cycle, but I didn’t understand what a big deal it was to approach him to do this. He had the grace to not unburden me of that ignorance. When I me… more »