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A new morning dawns for Brian Wilson


How Brian Wilson wound up recording in Scott Bennett's bedroom

CHICAGO TRIBUNE "I think he picked me because I play all the instruments, and I’m quick. So I was just bouncing it off between the little trigger drum thing I have and throwing a bass on, and he’d put down a piano pass and put down a vocal. He’s got the… more »

Wilson proves ‘Surf’s Up’ again

SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE "Brian Wilson reclaimed his legacy and pushed it forward Thursday night at the Morris Performing Arts Center with a glorious performance by him and his band." more »

Brian Wilson, interviewed

CITY PAGES Gimme Noise: After finally completing SMiLE, were you intimidated to begin work on another concept album? Brian Wilson: No, actually, I got right into it. GN: What inspired the concept for the album? BW: I just love that song “Lucky Old Su… more »

REVIEW: Brian Wilson

THE ANN ARBOR NEWS "Lost innocence, lost love and lost family - [Brian] Wilson is the sole remaining of the three brothers who founded the Beach Boys in the early 1960s. Yet on Wednesday, all that bittersweet emotion was leavened by Wilson and his 10-p… more »

Fleet Foxes' Frontman Describes Meeting Beach Boys' Al Jardine

UNCUT “[Al Jardine] played us a couple of songs off a record he’d recently made, he had a duet between him and Neil Young recorded last summer that no-one had heard. It was going to be on his next record. He had a lot of good advice. Carl and Dennis are… more »

Brian Wilson As Viewed By Guy Webster

GUY WEBSTER took some of the most iconic photographs of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Several of these images can be viewed at Webster's web site. more »

Brian Wilson, that lucky old soul

POTTSTOWN MERCURY Brian Wilson says, “I’m real proud to be on Capitol Records again. They had the Beatles, you know.” Uh, and a little band called the Beach Boys, too. more »

Brian Wilson rises again with "That Lucky Old Sun"

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES "Releasing new music can be scary, Wilson says, but at 66, he's making his latest grab at pop glory: ''That Lucky Old Sun,'' his fifth album of new solo material, is an unabashed celebration of Southern California life, its warm songs c… more »

BRIAN WILSON "That Lucky Old Sun" Capitol

WASHINGTON POST "But there is power in romantic memories, and there is power in this collection of songs, Wilson's strongest batch of writing since 1977's 'Love You.' We can appreciate 'That Lucky Old Sun' for the flawed but genuine triumph it is." more »

Brian Wilson: A Sun-kissed Beach Boy

STAR TRIBUNE "Victimized by parental abuse, drug abuse, depression and misguided therapies (he has schizoaffective disorder), the 66-year-old Californian resurfaced this year with those new songs on 'That Lucky Old Sun,' a love letter to Los Angeles." more »

Van Dyke Parks Discusses His Solo Album "Song Cycle" In Anticipation of Its 40th Anniversary Re-Release

According to THE MUSE, "Song Cycle" is slated to be re-released for its 40th anniversary and will likely appear in the spring of 2009. Van Dyke Parks is quoted as saying: “Song Cycle is very much an article of national and personal mourning. In public… more »



Brian Wilson regales Ryman crowd with clarity and enthusiasm

THE TENNESSEAN "[Brian Wilson's] voice turned out to be an ideal fit for the Mother Church of Country Music, ringing out into the ether as gracefully as it does on his masterwork Pet Sounds. He left the Beach Boys’ famously high vocal parts to his accom… more »

The Spin: Brian Wilson at The Ryman

NASHVILLE SCENE "Off the bat he surprised us with his extreme enthusiasm as he talked to the crowd and did his best to seem like a performer—which he really is not. This was reassuring, as it wiped away our fears that he would just go through the motion… more »

Brian Wilson to share new tunes in Ann Arbor


Brian Wilson takes off on a musical flight of fancy

Brian Mansfield describes Brian Wilson's performance in Nashville for USA TODAY. According to Mansfield, "Nashville's pop contingent made a strong showing. Audience members included power-popper Bill Lloyd, former Bruce Hornsby & the Range guitaris… more »

Jan Berry Tribute Now On Blogspot

ENCOMIUM IN MEMORIAM VOL. 1: JAN BERRY OF JAN & DEAN now has a presence on blogspot. more »

Video Of Brian Wilson At Grimey's Record Signing


The Beach Boys Begat Psychedelic Rock?

UNO GATEWAY "[The psychedelic era] all really started with the Beach Boys' release of the album 'Pet Sounds,' in which they used unconventional objects as instruments, like bicycle bells. This had never really been done before with popular music and wa… more »

Nashville Fans Report on Brian Wilson In-Store Record Signing