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"Pop Surf Culture": Book Review

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The Beach Boys and the Satan

DVD TALK "Something of a German version of VH1's Behind The Music, Pop Odyssey in 1997 put together Der Beach Boys Und Der Satan, (the German title) a programmatic version of a salt lick for you cows of '60s music (I'm one). It means if you like to rumi… more »

What do Brian Wilson and Beniamino Gigli Have In Common?

BLOGGER NEWS NETWORK "This past weekend, I drove my nineteen year old son, Mario, and his friend from Durham, NC to Glenside, PA. to see Brian Wilson in concert at the Keswick Theater. My son has had a passion for the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson for ye… more »

Brian Wilson in Concert at the Newly-Renovated Wellmont in Montclair


Brian Wilson - Kewsick Theater - 11/22/08

THE FORTY-NINE PERCENTER "Clearly, 'That Lucky Old Sun' marks a new chapter in Wilson's career. Its clear that these songs are devoted to telling the listener just how much Wilson loves California and how fondly he remembers his childhood. This is a man… more »

"Sweet Insanity" Is A Lost album that should remain lost?

SF WEEKLY "Brian Wilson, 'Sweet Insanity.' Forget 'SMiLE.' The real curio locked away inside the lab of the Beach Boy boffin is this 1991 solo album, the culmination of Wilson's unethical business partnership with his psychologist, Eugene Landy. From… more »

Brian Wilson, Nov. 22, Keswick Theatre

CRITICAL MASS "Two guys got in a fight. One in his 50s, the other in his 30s. The younger guy was being too loud for the older guy. They had words, the older guy pushed the younger guy’s face, an ambulance came for the younger guy because his contact ro… more »

Vivian Girls Cover Beach Boys on New 7"

The all-female lo-fi garage rock trio VIVIAN GIRLS are self-releasing a 7" with a cover of the Beach Boys' "Girl Don't Tell Me." "Girl Don't Tell Me" originally appeared on the Beach Boys' "Summer Days (and Summer Nights!!)" album. It was recorded A… more »

Brian Wilson warms the Keswick with California sunniness

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER "Due to longtime health problems, [Brian] Wilson's voice isn't what it once was, and he read lyrics from an electronic screen near his keyboard. But his finely tuned band - including several Pennsylvania natives - was well-versed i… more »

Brian Wilson brings his boys to Westbury

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