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Brian Wilson 1 - Fine Art Print - Michael Morgan


Brian Wilson – Reimagines Gershwin @ Royal Festival Hall

FLUSH THE FASHION "When I was asked the question ‘Do you want to cover Brian Wilson at the Royal Festival Hall?’ Pet Sounds started to flicker in front of my eyes. Like a musical ticker tape in neon yellows, sunrise oranges, deep atlantic blues. Withou… more »

Bras and Brian Wilson

FROM DISC TILL DAWN " A week ago today I rushed from work down to The Royal Festival Hall to review Brian Wilson for FLUSH THE FASHION. I was unprepared and disorganised (which is very ridiculous for a PA). At 33 it’s actually refreshing to feel inexper… more »

Brian Wilson: “Os Beatles chegaram primeiro!”

BEATLES COLLEGE "Em 1966, Brian Wilson (líder dos Beach Boys) trabalhou durante seis meses em um single, usando uma técnica de gravação modular até então inédita, que consistia em registrar vários trechos e depois montar uma música só no formato que se… more »


RED BULL "[Van Dyke Parks] has been shaping American pop culture in stealth mode, operating in its canyons at night like a superhero. Hear the Beach Boys and Ry Cooder collaborator in a Fireside Chat on Red Bull Music Academy Radio..." more »

Mark Linett - Beach Boys SMiLE (interview)

ICON FETCH "It's the most famous unreleased album in history - the Beach Boys' SMiLE was supposed to come out way back in 1967, but the project fell apart amidst a cloud of drugs and self-doubt by leader Brian Wilson. Now, some 45 years later, those le… more »

Book Review: "The Beach Boys FAQ: All That's Left to Know About America's Band" (Backbeat Books)

EXPRESS MILWAUKEE "Jon Stebbins marshals the band's troubled history for inspection in The Beach Boys FAQ: All That's Left to Know About America's Band (Backbeat Books). While it could have been better organized—the blurby roster of the act's numerous p… more »

Brian Wilson, Royal Festival Hall, London

INDEPENDENT "To borrow the football parlance, this was very much a gig of two halves, the first given over to Brian Wilson's ill-judged 'reimaginings' of Gershwin, the second featuring Beach Boys classics played in note-perfect detail by his band, occas… more »

Brian Wilson @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

ROAR E-ZINE "De bewogen geschiedenis van één van de grootste, nog levende geniën uit de popmuziek zal voor de meesten een bekend verhaal zijn. Brian Wilson richtte met zijn twee broertjes Carl en Dennis, zijn neef Mike Love en goede vriend Al Jardine Th… more »

Brian Wilson Hanging Out With Al Jardine, Various Ladies

SMiLE Sessions News From Engineer Mark Linett

ICON FETCH "I [Tony Peters] just talked with Beach Boys' engineer Mark Linett for my Icon Fetch show. He mentioned that the LP version will have an entire album side of rarities exclusive to the vinyl. And, from what I understand, the 45 included in… more »

Charles Manson, the Beach Boys And The Death Of The Californian Dream

SABOTAGE TIMES "In those bygone halcyon days the idea that you could have too much of a good thing – too much sun, too much sex, too many drugs, too much fun – was simply not on the agenda. And yet, by the end of the decade, as 60s celebrations curdled… more »

Old Music: The Beach Boys – Add Some Music to Your Day

GUARDIAN "Add Some Music to Your Day comes from the Beach Boys' 1970 album Sunflower – in that post-Smile period of their career that was long regarded as an anti-climax, but which over recent years has been rehabilitated. It wasn't a huge hit at the ti… more »

Record Review: Van Dyke Parks, "Arrangements, Vol. 1"

PITCHFORK "The compilation is curated by Parks himself, drawing on what he calls 'my earliest studio adventures in the 60s.' The roster of collaborators represented here is dizzying-- Little Feat, Arlo Guthrie, Sal Valentino, Bonnie Raitt singing calyps… more »

Caribou Ranch documentary in the works

WESTWORD "​Caribou Ranch, near Nederland, was a major recording studio throughout the '70s and early '80s. The 178 artists who recorded there over the years include such legends as Elton John, Billy Joel, the Beach Boys, Frank Zappa and Joe Walsh.… more »

Dennis Wilson- "I Live With 17 Girls"

Record Mirror, December 21, 1968, interview with Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys- "The public is evolving too. A couple of years ago we got very paranoid about the possibility of losing our public. We were getting loaded, taking acid, and we made a who… more »

Typography of the Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds"

IMPRINT "Some [of the author's pronouncements] are simply inaccurate. [Simon] Garfield analyzes the use of Cooper Black on the cover of Pet Sounds, the 1966 Beach Boys album, to explain one difference between legibility and readability: the impact of si… more »


EXPRESS "BEACH BOYS star BRIAN WILSON was given a standing ovation as he wrapped up his U.K. trek at the Royal Festival Hall on Sunday (18Sep11). The pop legend returned to the famed London venue with a 14-strong band to play a selection of Gershwin ar… more »

Brian Wilson, Royal Festival Hall, review

TELEGRAPH "Brian Wilson is the definition of a musician who should be heard and not seen. In his glory days, he created some of the most gorgeous, inventive and harmonically complex pop music ever heard, its colour and vibrancy in perfect sync with the… more »

Brian Wilson, Royal Festival Hall - review

EVENING STANDARD "Fragile legend Brian Wilson's blissful reworking of his Beach Boys masterpiece Pet Sounds, performed here almost a decade ago, was received with the near-religious fervour of a genuine second coming." more »

"The Beach Boys Love You" - October 1977 Hit Parader selection by Patti Smith

Review: Brian Wilson - Birmingham Symphony Hall

SUNDAY MERCURY "A friend of mine believes no moments in life are quite as perfect as the seconds before the needle hits a Brian Wilson record, that the knowledge something amazing is about to happen is as good as it gets. This occupied me as I waited i… more »

Brian Wilson, Royal Festival Hall, London

FINANCIAL TIMES "Brian Wilson didn’t look comfortable in the first half of his show, which was devoted to his new album, Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin . The ex-Beach Boy, 69, sat at a keyboard he didn’t touch, surrounded by his nine-strong touring ba… more »