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Dilla's Beats Pound From Beyond The grave

J DILLA’S upcoming album, The Shining, is setting up to be one of the most highly anticipated hip hop albums of 2006. The late hip-hop producer J Dilla's second solo project The Shining, which was nearly completed when he died Feb. 10, will be issued Au… more »

Philip Sherburne's Techno Month

PITCHFORK "For this column I'd intended to write an all-encompassing review of both MUTEK and Sónar, but after eight days of shows at both fests…and five cumulative days of assorted afterparties, the idea of presenting a totalizing perspective seems not… more »

Check Out New Categories

If you've paid very close attention, you might have noticed that we have finally gotten around to setting up some Categories for each post. Instead of evey post being an "Announcement," all posts will also be tagged to a specific Category; as of now, we… more »

Uusitalo – “Tulenkantaja” (Huume)

Do Not Fear Techno PITCHFORK has a review by wonder writer Philip Sherburne PITCHFORK writer Drew Daniel (of Matmos?) reviews the track “Paskaa Musaa” VILLAGE VOICE has a review by Andy Beta FORCED EXPOSURE is one of the best sources for electronic… more »

Take A Swim

Swimmingpool is Düsseldorf natives Michael Scheibenreiter and Stefan Schwander. On their new album Good Old Music, they make fun, summer sun dance music. MUSIC FOR ROBOTS has a review and MP3 COMBINATION lists the record NONSTUFF PODCAST has an OK… more »

Sorry We're A Little Late With This One

DANGER MOUSE is one of our most favorite artists. NY TIMES MAGAZINE "What changed everything was when I got into Woody Allen," says Danger Mouse, whose real name is Brian Burton. "When I got to college, I saw 'Manhattan' and 'Deconstructing Harry.'… more »

More Great Eastern European Electronic Music

TBA EMPTY: Stupid Rotation CD (MAXE 010CD) According to the label: “TBA Empty is Tbilisi, Georgia-based Goslab member Natalie Beridze, and this is her fourth full-length release on the Max Ernst label. Without a doubt, this new TBA Empty album is abo… more »

Hyphy or Hype?

YAHOO NEWS interviews Bay Area hip-hop hyphy head E-40. PITCHFORK interviews fellow Bay Area hip-hop future star Keak Da Sneak MIX TAPE TALK interviews The Demolition Men SOUNDSLAM interviews Killa Klump More HYPHY headlines: INSIDE BAY AREA CREA… more »

Superlongevity 4: Perlon All-Stars

Perlon’s stable of artists features the best minimal techno/tech-house musicians in the game today. These electronic wizards know how to channel an enticing minimal sound by balancing repetition and change with an extra bit of booty-shaking funk. Her… more »

Industrial hip-hop

SLOW SUICIDE STIMULUS’ debut, self-titled album was released in March to little fanfare. It’s too bad that one of the best albums of 2006 has received almost no media attention. Slow Suicide Stimulus = DUSTED DONS (Govone, Charlie Chan & Melski) a… more »

Famous Sounds


R&B star Ne-Yo can't figure out brian wilson

SOUND GENERATOR What about someone like Brian Wilson, does that inspire you, with the harmony thing? Oh yeah, I can't remember the name of the song, but they're doing this harmony, and to this day I can't figure out every note that's in it! more »

Dance music gets more ctitical atention

LONDON REVIEW OF BOOKS “The inveterate rock bias in the music papers, magazines and academia has left much dancefloor history still undocumented. The trad agenda set by commentators in the Sixties, heavy with value judgments - glorifying the work of the… more »

Strip Hop

YAHOO NEWS "'Strip clubs have become the main breaking place for records, especially in the South,' says Jermaine Dupri, president of urban music for Virgin Records." more »

two cool rock chicks listening to NEU!

eMUSIC more »