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The Monkee's Davy Jones Interviewed

PRESS TELEGRAM "But [the Beatles] definitely were manufactured in the beginning. People complain that session people played on [the Monkee's] early records. Well, come on! The 'Wrecking Crew,' the batch of L.A. session musicians that played for Phil Spe… more »

Now Sounds, Now People, Now Wow

I'm always looking around for interesting '60s sunshine pop releases, particularly of the West Coast variety. My investigations lead me to a recent release by ROGER NICHOLS AND THE SMALL CIRCLE OF FRIENDS called "Full Circle." Roger Nichols & the S… more »

"Encomium In Memoriam Vol. 1: Jan Berry of Jan & Dean": An overdue but well-done tribute CD

THE NEWS & OBSERVER "A young historian who lives in Raleigh has been researching a biography of Jan Berry of the early 60s pop surf vocal duo Jan & Dean for nearly a decade. Gaining Berry's confidence, Mark A. Moore secured a vast collection of… more »

Phil Spector: "I'm very much hounded now"

INTHENEWS.CO.UK VARIETY “I’d like to have a nickel for every joint [Brian Wilson] smoked trying to figure out how I got the ‘Be My Baby’ sound…He is demented about it,” Phil Spector is quoted saying. INDEPENDENT "I was just a loner and was always… more »

If the Explorers Club sounds like the Beach Boys, it meant to do that

CREATIVE LOAFING The Explorers Club "began in Atlanta while [Jason] Brewer was holed up with friend and collaborator Troy Stains. They recorded two songs: a straight-forward rock number for his band, and another tune called 'Forever' that was deliberate… more »

Soft Sounds for Gentle People: Pet Records Drops Curious '60s Pop Oddities

PET RECORDS is an amazing, but obscure, record label that specializes in compilations of little known soft-pop, soft-psych, harmony-psych, sunshine-pop, etc. tunes. Most of the tracks are by unknown artists, primarily from Southern California, who recor… more »

Copyright Law Gone Haywire

WSJ "How is it that sensible people, people no doubt educated at some of the best universities and law schools in the country, would come to think it a sane use of corporate resources to threaten the mother of a dancing 13-month-old? What is it that all… more »

Dick Dale experimenting with modes

JAZZ.COM "You thought that Miles and Trane were the only people experimenting with modes in the early 1960s? Think again. Dick Dale, the King of the Surf Guitar, was playing some crazy scales on his Stratocaster back in the day, with a little help from… more »

The Omni Recording Corporation Re-Issues Significant Sonic Treasures

The Omni Recording Corporation is quickly becoming one of my most favorite record labels. They specialize in re-issuing obscure sonic artifacts from the ‘60s and ‘70s. TORC has brought back to life some very interesting folk-rock, outlaw/obscure country… more »

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Wilson Phillips to reunite at Morongo


Vinyl Revived

I've noticed a spate of recent articles about the growing interest in vinyl records amongst music buyers. The number of these articles suggests either that some journalists are lazy and just copy what their colleagues have already done or there's actual… more »

Jean Shin- "Sound Wave"

The Lost Mystery of Record Collections

POP MATTERS "At this point it became a decision of ordering the actual CD online or just the MP3s. At the time of making this decision, the cheapest I was able to find the physical release online for is $16.99 plus tax. But on iTunes I could download Di… more »

Jan & Dean / Jan Berry Tribute Album Sheds New Light on California Producer

PR.COM more »