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Recycling Albums

TIMESONLINE "The popular tactic currently is to stage a special concert performance of one of your classic albums, preferably one with a troubled history or, failing that, a significant anniversary. This trend was initiated by Brian Wilson, who turned u… more »

Phil Spector: "I'm very much hounded now"

INTHENEWS.CO.UK VARIETY “I’d like to have a nickel for every joint [Brian Wilson] smoked trying to figure out how I got the ‘Be My Baby’ sound…He is demented about it,” Phil Spector is quoted saying. INDEPENDENT "I was just a loner and was always… more »

Why Is The Mediocre DVD "The Beach Boys And The Satan" Getting So Much Press?


How Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson has fun, fun, fun

LA TIMES more »

Brian Wilson Takes Three Dog Night's Danny Hutton To School

AUGUSTA CHRONICLE "[Danny] Hutton, who spent considerable time with Beach Boys maestro Brian Wilson during the legendary Pet Sounds sessions, said the lessons he learned from Mr. Wilson continue to inform Three Dog Night's approach to arrangement. 'Tha… more »

Review of Beach Boys Connected Restaurant

LA CITY BEAT "There are days when I need a jolt, a reboot to my palate. Every once in a while I get my wish, most recently at WILSON. The place is named for chef Michael Wilson, whose dad was Dennis of the Beach Boys, and his restaurant is a cheerful, c… more »

A Review of Barney Hoskyns' "Hotel California"

SPERO NEWS "[Charles] Manson knew Neil Young, Byrds producer Terry Melcher, and Beach Boy Dennis Wilson, who dubbed him 'The Wizard.' The 'intense, unhinged ex-con' penned such tunes as 'Sick City,' 'Look at Your Game, Girl,' and 'Cease to Exist.' (The… more »

DVD Review: The Beach Boys And The Satan


On Brian Wilson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, the Waves of California, the Melancholy of the Beach Boys, and the Stories the Young Can’t Escape


If the Explorers Club sounds like the Beach Boys, it meant to do that

CREATIVE LOAFING The Explorers Club "began in Atlanta while [Jason] Brewer was holed up with friend and collaborator Troy Stains. They recorded two songs: a straight-forward rock number for his band, and another tune called 'Forever' that was deliberate… more »

School of rock: The magic of a 'muso moment'

GUARDIAN "Smart twists and fussy attention to musical detail (or "muso moments", as I call them) have the power to propel a fist into the air (rather than straight through the speaker cone). If you appreciate the bit one minute into the Beach Boys' God… more »

Surfin’ California with Walt Whitman and The Beach Boys

HAUNTED CALIFORNIA(S) "While Walt Whitman only wrote one poem about California in 1860, The Beach Boys wrote and produced several songs about it in the years between 1962 and 1966. Apart from the hundred years separating Whitman and The Beach Boys, a cu… more »

Billy Hinsche's DVD Tribute To Dennis Wilson Gets Mixed Reviews


Soft Sounds for Gentle People: Pet Records Drops Curious '60s Pop Oddities

PET RECORDS is an amazing, but obscure, record label that specializes in compilations of little known soft-pop, soft-psych, harmony-psych, sunshine-pop, etc. tunes. Most of the tracks are by unknown artists, primarily from Southern California, who recor… more »

Brian Wilson & Friends Rock Out For The Carl Wilson Foundation

LA RECORD "Brian Wilson closed the evening with an amazing 45 minute set that included several classics that had the audience singing along with every word. Although he spent the entire set singing from a stool at center stage, his voice is as harmoniou… more »

Got $275,000.00 To Spare?

NEIMAN MARCUS "Thirty-Five Year Collection of Top 100® 45 RPM Records. In this age of soulless digital downloads and MP3 mumbo-jumbo, we gleefully turn to that treasured icon of our American pop culture childhood: the 45 RPM vinyl single. And since we'… more »

Encomium In Memoriam: Jan Berry's Carnival of Sound

Left to Right: Circa 1979: Jan Berry, Richard Hatch, Dean Torrence, James Armstrong, Brian Wilson Any fan of Brian Wilson who does not investigate the music of Jan Berry is doing him/herself a great disservice. While Berry might not have written/rele… more »

Noshing With Brian Wilson

P.S.ZOLLO "Here's Brian at his favorite deli, where he met me to be interviewed about his amazing new album of California dreamicana - Lucky Old Sun. He had a tuna sandwich, Diet Coke and two bowls of fresh strawberries, on which he added fake sugar. W… more »

Mike Love Not Hate

KNOX NEWS "Brian is on a solo path pretty much masterminded by his wife," says Love. "But if Brian and I are alone together with a piano, nature just takes over." more »