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Eugene Landy: "He was not a good man"

NEWSWEEK "The first therapist I ended up with was the late Dr. Eugene Landy, the psychologist who eventually surrendered his license in California due to a controversial relationship with Beach Boy Brian Wilson. He was not a good man. He put me on so ma… more »

Continued Exploration: Beach Boys X Blogspot


Interview With Keith Badman, Controversial Author Of "The Beach Boys: The Definitive Diary"

SOUTH COAST TODAY "My God, it's hard to say my favorite album. I don't think I could say. I also love The Monkees; they were massive in England. And The Beach Boys. When I done me Beach Boys book, they sent it to Brian Wilson, and he loved it, and he en… more »

Another Beach Boys Related Blog

BEACH BOYS LYRICS BLOG: the name says it all. more »

Hollyridge Strings Play The Beach Boys Song Book

COLLECTORS' CHOICE MUSIC is poised to re-issue two albums by the HOLLYRIDGE STRINGS: Beach Boys Song Book/Play The Beach Boys Song Book Vol. 2. I'm not very familiar with these albums. They appear to be easy listening/bachelor pad versions of Beach Boy… more »

Links To Beach Boys Related Blogs

We've been meaning to post links to these blogs but never got around to it before. So, here you go: DUTCH BEACH BOYS BLOG WARNAKEYS BEACH BOYS BLOG BRIAN WILSON IN DEUTSCHLAND 2007 BLOG LINEAR ZAP MUSIC BLOG DO YOU LIKE WORMS BLOG UNBENDING NEVE… more »

"Pet Sounds" Gets 24 Karat Gold Re-Press

STEVE HOFFMAN announces "upcoming Audio Fidelity 24 Karat Gold compact discs" in a "limited edition;" titles include "The Beach Boys-Pet Sounds. And of course it was the worst kept secret that Pet Sounds will be issued in the original Brian Wilson/Chu… more »

The Beach Boys Rate As The #1 Artist "Who Really Shouldn't Be Quite So Lauded?"

WORD MAGAZINE "1. Beach Boys: If I hear anything more about the groundbreakingness of Pet bloody Sounds, I'll go postal: clever production, saccharine harmonies and mediocre songwriting doth not genius make - not even when seasoned with a little mental… more »

Beach Boy David Marks & Nelson Bragg Of Brian Wilson's Band To Perform For Animal Shelter Benefit

TOP40-CHARTS more »

Now Sounds, Now People, Now Wow

I'm always looking around for interesting '60s sunshine pop releases, particularly of the West Coast variety. My investigations lead me to a recent release by ROGER NICHOLS AND THE SMALL CIRCLE OF FRIENDS called "Full Circle." Roger Nichols & the S… more »

"Encomium In Memoriam Vol. 1: Jan Berry of Jan & Dean": An overdue but well-done tribute CD

THE NEWS & OBSERVER "A young historian who lives in Raleigh has been researching a biography of Jan Berry of the early 60s pop surf vocal duo Jan & Dean for nearly a decade. Gaining Berry's confidence, Mark A. Moore secured a vast collection of… more »