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Mike Loves Calls Brian Wilson Desperate

PALO ALTO DAILY NEWS Mike Love says that, "I'm a Pisces and Brian Wilson is a Gemini. Astrologists say that Pisces work from inspiration and Geminis sometimes work from desperation ... or melancholy." more »

5 Beach Boy faves for seaside romance


Photog David Wala Has More Exclusive Live Brian Wilson Pics

David Wala has more Brian Wilson photos on FLICKER. more »

Unused Beach Boys 1966 Concert Ticket

Unused ticket for the Beach Boys concert at the Southern Oregon State College Gymnasium, March 6, 1966. more »

Photos Of Brian Wilson Live in England

GLORIOUS NOISE has exclusive photos by David Wala of Brian Wilson's performance at Gateshead, England, July 12, 2009. more »

Beach Boys - "Smile" (Sea Of Tunes C9949)

COLLECTORS MUSIC REVIEWS has a review of the Sea of Tunes version of "SMiLE." GADFLY ONLINE has an interview with "SMiLE" scholar Domenic Priore. more »

Beach Boys/Brian Wilson Promo CD Extravaganza Vol. 10: “Love and Mercy (LP Version)"

This is the oldest promo I have; it dates from 1988 and is taken from Brian Wilson’s first, self-titled solo album. ”Love and Mercy” is a wonderful Brian Wilson solo tune. more »

Beach Boys/Brian Wilson Promo CD Extravaganza Vol. 9: “That Lucky Old Sun"

I first blogged about this promo here. It’s a year later and the scans are liberated. This CD-R promo came in a standard jewel case. The front of the case has a simple one-sided card with a miniature replica of the official album artwork printed on a… more »

Emitt Rhodes: Hawthorne Bred, Hollywood Bound

“Love will stone you but you’ll come down.” Although born in Illinois, EMITT RHODES was raised in HAWTHORNE, California and first made his musical mark there. Hawthorne is also the birthplace of the Beach Boys. Take a tour of Hawthorne with Beach Bo… more »

Sundazed Set To Release "Lost" Love Album

SUNDAZED “has unearthed an unissued 1971 album by revered Los Angeles rock band Arthur Lee & Love, languishing in the Columbia Records tape vault. And that's not all! We've also uncovered a marvelous batch of acoustic demos for the ‘71 album, featuri… more »