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Famous People Hanging Out With Their Vinyl

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The Brian Wilson interview

LONDON FREE PRESS This is your first true Canadian tour. What took you so long?I don’t know. Who knows? The important thing is, we’ll be there, right?And doing Gershwin. What did you learn from him?He taught me a lot about harmony. And he ta… more »

Beach Boy Meets Gershwin at the Wellmont

MONTCLAIR PATCH "[A]t the Wellmont Theatre Thursday night, you couldn't take a step without bumping into a die-hard fan of ["Pet Sounds"] -- and the man who recorded it. Although the hall was only half full, the ones who were there clearly loved Brian… more »


NOW TORONTO quotes Brian Wilson on waltzes: First, “I don’t really like waltzes." Then, “I like waltzes." more »

Listening For The Perfect Beat

Q&A: Brian Wilson On His Gershwin Influences, Working With Van Dyke Parks, And The Smile Reissue

VILLAGE VOICE has more excerpts from a late May interview with Brian Wilson that served as the basis for a cover story. You've talked about listening to "Rhapsody in Blue" as a child, and last year you released your album of Gershwin standards. What i… more »

Brian Wilson's Songs

VILLAGE VOICE contains a VERY brief interview with Brian Wilson. Most of the article deals with the writer's relationship with her father and a previous call with Brian Wilson that involved some snafus. Here's an even shorter excerpt from the already s… more »

Dennis Wilson :: Lady/Fallin’ In Love, 1970 (Video)

AQUARIUM DRUNKARD I'm fairly certain that the video footage used in this fan made video is from the “Beach Boys 1968 European Tour" film directed by David Morse. Additional details about this film can be found on this previous blog. more »

Q&A: Brian Wilson on music and how he thinks he'll be remembered

VANCOUVER SUNQ: How are you feeling today? What's the mood?A: Very good. I'm doing interviews.Q: Do you still get nervous before concerts? Or have you learned some tricks for handling the butterflies?A: I do get nervous, but by the time the… more »

Brian Wilson: "I'm Not Really Interested" In Reuniting The Beach Boys

VILLAGE VOICE In regards to a beach Boys reunion, Brian Wilson says, "I don't know anything about that. I don't really [have a relationship with the other members] right now, and I'm not really interested in them." more »

Brian Wilson hints at Beach Boys reunion

BBC ""I'm considering it. I don't know yet, but I am considering it. Nothing's really holding me back. I just don't know if I want to be around those guys, you know? They're zany guys. They're crazy."And here's the audio of the interview. more »

When Pigs Fly? SMiLE Sessions Set For Official 2011 Release

BILLBOARD "Capitol Records is planning to release the Beach Boys' great lost album, 'Smile,' later this year."PITCHFORK more »

Beach Boys/Brian Wilson Promo CD Extravaganza: Legal Victory

Let's celebrate a big legal victory for owners of promo CDs!As a fan of promo CDs, I've been keeping an eye on a bogus lawsuit filed by UMG records against Troy Augusto. I've blogged about this lawsuit here and here. UMG claimed that Mr. Augusto v… more »

Beach Boys/Brian Wilson Promo CD Extravaganza: Official Centralized Information Center

Here we have the Beach Boys/Brian Wilson Promo CD Extravaganza: Official Centralized Information CenterThe highs, the lows, the good, the bad and the ugly of collecting Beach Boys/Brian Wilson Promo CDsLinks to a complete 14 volume set of blogs… more »

Brian Wilson waxes rhapsodic on Gershwin

LA TIMES "Although the album is [Brian] Wilson's way of sharing his affection for the Gershwins' legacy, for pop aficionados it offers up a meeting of distinct voices in American music from strikingly different eras and locales: the Gershwins inextricab… more »