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OTHER MUSIC " Summer Jam Alert! Just last week, I sung the praises of the Mighty Sparrow's Hot & Sweet album, produced by Van Dyke Parks and featuring some of the best tropical funk jams you're likely to hear all year. That release made me long for a… more »

Emitt Rhodes: Hawthorne Bred, Hollywood Bound

“Love will stone you but you’ll come down.” Although born in Illinois, EMITT RHODES was raised in HAWTHORNE, California and first made his musical mark there. Hawthorne is also the birthplace of the Beach Boys. Take a tour of Hawthorne with Beach Bo… more »

Sundazed Set To Release "Lost" Love Album

SUNDAZED “has unearthed an unissued 1971 album by revered Los Angeles rock band Arthur Lee & Love, languishing in the Columbia Records tape vault. And that's not all! We've also uncovered a marvelous batch of acoustic demos for the ‘71 album, featuri… more »

Sandy Bull: A Reappraisal

The time has come for a Sandy Bull revival. His first three albums are reissued on vinyl. His daughter, K.C. Bull, made a documentary film about her father called “No Deposit No Return Blues.” Sand Bull came out of the mid-20th century folk revival a… more »

Why Can't We Have Political Parties Like This in the USA?

FINANCIAL TIMES The USA needs politicians like Christian Engström of the Pirate Party. Mr. Engström writes that, "On MySpace and YouTube, creative people post audio and video remixes for others to enjoy, until they are replaced by take-down notices hand… more »

Jason Brewer and the Explorers Club are not The Beach Boys-they just sound like them

CHARLESTON CITY PAPER "According to [Jason] Brewer, melody 'is just not present in pop music anymore. And it bugs the crap out of me. Pet Sounds opened up this thing in my brain — singing, vocals, vocal groups — that's what groups my age don't do. That… more »

Review of Sunshine Pop Group The Small Circle of Friend's "Full Circle" Album


"Pop Surf Culture": Book Review

WEHO NEWS more »

SMiLE Scholar Dominic Priore Discusses New Book "Pop Surf Culture"

OC REGISTER "The initial POP SURF CULTURE explosion of the late '50s and '60s came from this initial pure thing that was beautiful because we landed on it, and then it was broadcast, and it was an original idea as a whole. And people went, 'Wow, this is… more »

Get Together With Gary Usher

ROLLING STONE has a short review of "Barefoot Adventure: The 4 Star Sessions 1962-1966" an enjoyable compilation of music by Gary Usher. Most of the tunes on this compilation, released by Sundazed Records, are in the surf or hot-rod vein. As many Beach… more »

Jan & Dean- "The Complete Liberty Singles"

POP MATTERS "In its ignorance of album tracks, and its one-label-only approach, 'Liberty Singles' suffers from not being comprehensive, shortchanging the band’s earlier and later periods. The liner notes make a case for Jan & Dean that the music can… more »

Drag City Unleashes Death

DEATH was a proto-punk band from Detroit who recorded an album's worth of material in 1974. They self-released one single in 1976. Death consisted of three African-American brothers from Detroit. They later went on to do Christian psych music as The Fo… more »

Van Dyke Parks Discusses His Solo Album "Song Cycle" In Anticipation of Its 40th Anniversary Re-Release

According to THE MUSE, "Song Cycle" is slated to be re-released for its 40th anniversary and will likely appear in the spring of 2009. Van Dyke Parks is quoted as saying: “Song Cycle is very much an article of national and personal mourning. In public… more »

Jan Berry Tribute Now On Blogspot

ENCOMIUM IN MEMORIAM VOL. 1: JAN BERRY OF JAN & DEAN now has a presence on blogspot. more »

Doug Randle: "Songs For The New Industrial State"

“A stunning collection of new songs for and about the time we live in,” billed the text on the backside of composer Doug Randle’s 1971 LP "Songs For The New Industrial State" LIGHT IN THE ATTIC does it again. Another killer re-issue of a previously o… more »